The concept of full-stack was pronounced dead at the close of 2019.
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Mashup layer

Back-end stack

Why link when you could embed? The hyperlinked nature of the Web provides a new type of publishing paradigm, freeing us from the centuries-old rules of broadsides, newspapers, magazines and books. And the same technologies that enable hyperlinking, also enable embedding.


With the hyperlinking that we've all become accustomed to, we build navigational guideposts that lead our web site visitors along possible paths: paths that wander through our web pages—like wandering through a garden—leading to places of interest, seasonal garden spots in bloom, secret pleasures; or paths that leave our garden and lead to other fertile grounds.



Five-layered approach to back-end, server side, development:

But when we use these technologies to embed, rather than link, we keep our visitors in our own garden, while offering the fruits of the outside world to our guests. The offerings to the guest in this mashup become richer than the offerings of either place on its own.

Offering your visitors a cornucopia is what mashups are all about.

Embeddable services