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Process layer

System stack

The 24x7 process layer is the uninterruptible core where essential services run. This is where system software like your firewall, your database server, your web server, your domain name system, and your secure shell processes live. When your hardware is functioning properly, these core services should remain up and running without fail, providing anyone with anytime response.


Five-layers of system software for operations and management:

On Linux systems running the Red Hat / CentOS / Fedora family of distros, these services are all available via the services command set. For the Debian, Suse, and Ubuntu Linux distros, the same command set is accessed using the /etc/init.d command set.

To set a set to begin at bootup, use this command: chkconfig <daemon name> on.

Typical commands that may be needed for restarting services after configuration changes:

service restart command
Apache httpd -S
service httpd graceful
DNS rndc reload
service named restart
Dovecot service dovecot restart
Firewall service iptables restart
MySQL service mysqld restart
network service network restart
SE Linux troubleshoot service setroubleshootd restart
Secure Shell service sshd restart
Sendmail /etc/mail/make
service sendmail restart